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world's biggest conspiracy On July 14, 1942 it became the San Bernardino top secrets

world's biggest conspiracy On July 14, 1942 it became the San Bernardino top secrets about the development of Mercury and Gemini and, of course, Atlas
Norton AFB was the filming site of The Twilight Zone episode
wiki: Norton in popular culture
Norton AFB was the filming site of The Twilight Zone episode "The Last Flight" in which a World War I Royal Flying Corps pilot is transported in time in a cloud to the 1960s. An authentic Nieuport was provided and flown by Frank Tallman, a Hollywood stunt pilot. The episode first aired on 5 February 1960.
Norton AFB is mentioned in the 1992 film Sneakers. Dan Aykroyd's character Mother states "O.K., boss, this LTX-27 concealable mic is part of the same system that NASA used when they faked the Apollo moon landings. Yeah, the astronauts broadcast around the world from a soundstage at Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, California. So it worked for them, shouldn't give us too many problems.While preparing for The Division Bell Tour, Pink Floyd spent most of March 1994 rehearsing in a hangar at Norton AFB. Some scenes for The Fast and the Furious movies were recorded on the flight lines.
And many others movies metions this statemant of NASA

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"DT (Differential Time) meter" Nevada Time Warp

IMPORTANT: Nevada Time Warp as companies and marketers reaching out with "unity" campaigns to bring people together with blockchain technology Silicon Valley link to gas prices, as well as a possible war or military conflict …

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On March 7 of this year, a bright meteorite (called a bolide)

National Marine Sanctuary, NASA and the University of Washington to locate the meteorite fall
 On March 7 of this year, a bright meteorite (called a bolide) fall was observed about 15 miles (25 kilometers) off the coast of Grays .
Around 7:10 p.m., Washingtonians reported a bright light in the sky, a boom and shaking. ... to travel northwest over Washington and landed about 14 miles off the coast. ... At 14 kilometers a second, the bolide was fast enough to cause boom there was a very bright green fireball seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses.

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2018 March 7 – Close approach of the Moon and Jupiter

 2018 March 7
 Giant Solar Storms continuous many contacts in febrary AND march 2018 A STREAM of powerful solar wind is barrelling towards Earth at almost 1000km-per-second after a hole opened up in the sun’s atmosphere, unleashing the torrent of particles.

  2018 March 7
 F-35 a Trillion-Dollar Mistake PROCESSING from1997 help TO defend Canadian sovereignty AND Russian bombers with an "undetectable threshold" Quebec's Aerospace culminate a "very serious" competitive bidding process in the 90s 13 14 15 February 2012 surveillance role Feb 2013

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Solar Eclipse 12 July 2018

Solar Eclipse 12 July 2018 On Thursday, July 12, the moon and sun join forces, electrifying the sky with a solar eclipse in sign of crab pluto mercury moon suns venus and many darkstar illuminating by Crab and Capricorn axis engineering

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Henry VIII

Greenwich Star Sign: Crab
Henry VIII Outside his notorious marriages Henry is remembered as the "Father of the Royal Navy", increasing the navy from 5 to 50 ships. During his forty-year reign he led England through a series of intense changes also Church-State relationship which excluded the papacy

Henry worked closely with Parliament in passing a series of laws In his youth he was athletic and highly intelligent. A contemporary observer described him thus: 'he speaks good French, Latin and Spanish included writing both books and music, and he was a lavish patron of the arts. St James's Palace is the most senior royal palace in the United Kingdom Built by King Henry VIII between 1531 and 1536  

But believe it or not, St. James's Palace has been a key location for many important events in London's history,

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Section, Extragalactic astronomy

Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Milky Way’s 11 most distant stars are located roughly 300,000 light-years away from us. According to a team of astronomers at Harvard University, five of those stars might have been ripped from another galaxy, the Sagittarius dwarf elliptical galaxy.

The Magellanic Clouds are the nearest extragalactic systems and the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) Covering several degrees of the sky, the Large Magellanic Cloud is quite large in size, as its name indicates, and easy to find without binoculars for observers 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Twilight Zone Ecosystem Flow

Twilight Zone Ecosystem Flow 100 scientists and crew from more than 20 research institutions will elaborate from Seattle for NASA’s Export Processes in the Ocean from Remote Sensing (EXPORTS) oceanographic campaign. NASA’s Aqua satellite.