Thursday, December 22, 2016

what up pluto planet

Astronomer Demonstrates Why NASA Pluto Images Are a Hoax 
also group of individuals says the images are fake and that NASA staged the flyby.
This suggests the close-up as nasa have change everything about Planet Pluto, which NASA covers about 1% of Pluto's of reality Pluto as Planet a monumental achievement in human history so NASA needs to get out the deception of their business flyby expedition to the most distant planet in our solar system is a hoax.
All NASA missions are encoded with masonic ritualistic nonsense and the Pluto mission is no exception.
In official NASA footage of the spinning ball Earth, time-lapse video however, clouds are constantly shown and not moving ! This is completely impossible, further proof that NASA produces fake CGI videos.

NASA graphics artists have placed things like faces, of chinese dragons, and even the word “SEX” into cloud graphics that in reality are consistently so drastically different.
yes you can also watch official leaked NASA footage showing Apollo 11 astronauts for almost an hour, using transparencies and camera-tricks to fake shots of a round Earth!
Amateur astronomers can spot Pluto, with a ten inch telescope that said The NASA Hoax Is Based on Computer Generated Images.

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