Friday, January 6, 2017

International Space Council

International Space Council

International Space Council wants to maximize the contributions of its civilian,and military, intelligence, and commercial space,as much discussion during the current transition after discriminator between options of politics power togeter that overcome the institutional executive of agencies like NASA that insted uses to steer other national security functions to by pass Science new discovery of NASA, and new alternative Energy Commission, and others government official, also private citizens could well have different views strategic importance of space and the need to deal with space issues at the International level International space policy was developed and issued inside local governments (but not made public) after political implications for the national security so to made easy start from 1990 presidentially-approved statement on national space policy for many years one of many opportunity to use the Council mechanism arose early as the new administration.

The EU has proposed an international code of conduct to strengthen security and sustainability in outer space

relevant international agreements and various cooperation frameworks in this field, especially:

Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)

International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities

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