Monday, February 6, 2017

El Mirador releve superhighway system newly mapped roads

Topographical map of the land surrounding El Mirador releve superhighway system newly mapped roads are connected to the ruins of El Mirador (sometimes called the Kan Kingdom) in northern Guatemala. The evidence from El Mirador alone indicates that hunters supplied meat from several Fauna such as turkeys, deer, dogs, pizotes, wild pig, reptiles like iguana, turtles and tortoises, several feline species, mollusks and possibly monkeys.

Archaeologists believe El Mirador was founded around the 6th century BCE
El Mirador’s inhabitants may have initially gone to the Caribbean coast and then migrated back inland, where they finally ended up in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula at Calakmul, which emerged as a powerful city-state and rival to Tikal in the sixth and seventh centuries. “Mirador was known in the Preclassic as the Kan Kingdom—Kan meaning ‘snake’—and the kings of Calakmul referred to themselves as the Lords of Kan, not as the Lords of Chiik Naab, which is the original name of Calakmul,”

Civilizations before 200 BC
The Chavín culture, flourishing from the 10th century BC, has long been considered the first civilization of south America. But in recent decades archaeologists have revealed far earlier centralized societies in the Norte Chico region of Peru, along the Supe river.
Mochica and Nazca: 200 BC - AD 600

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