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Legendary Chinese The Empress Lilly

Among all of China’s dynasty’s, the most influential first empress, which outraged men Legendary Chinese The Empress Lilly 

Known for her magnanimity and an understated influence in China, she wrote a 30-volume work titled Examples for Women.

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Empress Lilly too has always been docked at Downtown Disney/Disney Village Marketplace.
Empress Lilly restaurant at the Magic Kingdom amusement park in Orlando, Florida.

Empress Lilly restaurant Crab House in san francisco closed in feb 2017

Empress of China Empress of China
Game by:
A gorgeous dress up game based on the Chinese TV drama called "Empress of China". The drama is based on the impressive real queen, Wu Zetian,Lilly

( Its founding father was Emperor Taizong); who was the only woman to rule China as an Emperor in her own right. In usual Caihongtang fashion, the game features a wide selection of intricate hanfu, beautiful drag and drop jewelry, complex hairstyles and even alternate characters to drag onto the scene. Enjoy! =)
Emperor Taizong of Tang (28 January 598 – 10 July 649), previously Prince of Qin, personal name Li Shimin, was the second emperor of the Tang dynasty of China, ruling from 626 to 649. He is traditionally regarded as a co-founder of the dynasty for his role in encouraging Li Yuan, his father, to rebel against the Sui dynasty at Jinyang in 617. Taizong subsequently played a pivotal role in defeating several of the dynasty's most dangerous opponents and solidifying its rule over China

Prince of Qin
Emperor of the Tang dynasty
Reign 4 September 626 – 10 July 649
Predecessor Emperor Gaozu
Successor Emperor Gaozong

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