Monday, February 19, 2018

2028 Chinese Monkey Year Rare line-up

2028 Chinese Monkey Year Rare line-up of stars could reveal life on other planets Rare line-up of stars predicted for 2028 could reveal life on other planets 2028 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Monkey Year NASA REPORT very rare 'gravitational lensing event' which will see Earth-like planets orbiting the stars closest to our own solar system. A rare 'gravitational lensing event' is predicted to occur Alpha Centauri A and B will line up with a red giant star This will create a circle of light which could be used to determine the presence, and the masses, of nearby planets Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars (R, N, and S) S type stars have photospheres with enhanced abundances of s-process elements The s-process is one of the mechanisms by which elements with atomic numbers higher than 56 (Iron) can be made. Instead of (or in addition to) the usual lines of titanium, scandium, and vanadium oxides characteristic of M type giants, S type stars show heavier elements such as zirconium, yttrium, and barium. A significant fraction of all S type stars are variable. T Tauri stars are very young stars, typically found in bright or dark interstellar clouds from which they have presumably just formed. Tania by tonynetone Typically T Tauri stars are irregular variable stars, with unpredictable changes in their brightness. Their spectra contains bright emission lines and a number of "forbidden lines" (so-called because they are not observable in typical laboratory conditions)

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